FlowRec   CAMEX   QSP 

FlowRec - software for reconstruction of the intracellular flows

The software allows us to compute the vector field of intracellular movements from bright-field time-lapse microscopy raw image series primarily. The basis of the method is detection of speeded-up robust features (SURF) and assembling them into trajectories. Two components of motion – direct and Brownian – are separated by an original method based on minimum covariance estimation. The Brownian component gives a spatially resolved diffusion coefficient. The directed component yields a velocity field, and, after fitting the vorticity equation, estimation of the spatially distributed viscosity.

Requirements: MATLAB2019b or future release, Computer Vision Toolbox, Image Processing Toolbox, Optimization Toolbox, non-mandatory: Instrument Control Toolbox (used for better progress reporting).

download FlowRec for password write email to macho(a)frov.jcu.cz

The CAMEX - CAMera EXplorer software

The purpose of the CAMEX is to calibrate the images and analyze them visually. The CAMEX tool enables to launch a folder with a raw image sequence as a video. A raw image selected from the video can be further analyzed (via debayerization, thresholding, roi (region of interest) selection, histogram of the roi). The software tool allows to work with a digital camera. For the moment, the drivers are compatible with cameras of the Ximea brand.

download CAMEX for password write email to macho(a)frov.jcu.cz

QSP Quasi-spectral tool

is a software tool for extraction of transparency (quasi)spectra of an image of a microobject observed by a bright-field light microscope equipped with a rgb camera.

download QSP for password write email to macho(a)frov.jcu.cz