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This work was supported and co-financed by the South Bohemian Research Center of Aquaculture and Biodiversity of Hydrocenoses (CZ.1.05/2.1.00/01.0024).

Expertomica Fishgui

Program for colorimetry of image set. On all images must be objects of the same type, nearly colour uniform. The background must be of different colour and uniform. The object has to be approximately in the center of the image. The program performs object selection via chromatic colours and non-parametric tresholding for the whole set of objects. For all pixels average values of brightness, saturation and hue, including standard errors are calculated. The dominant wavelength is approximated according to the CIE 1931 standard.

Binary Software License Expertomica Fishgui

Download - Expertomica Fishgui (1.2 MB) - for download send email to macho(a)frov.jcu.cz

the software is stand onle, for the correct run is need runtime compiler

Manual - Expertomica Fishgui is in the FishGui.zip


Expertomica Metabolite Profiling

Program for LC/GC-MS measurement analysis. It works with text records of the measurement in Agilent ASCII, Thermo ASCII and JCAMP-DX ASCII formats. It performs filtration of random and systematic noise, peak detection and compound composition on the basis of probability theory. It enables visualization by graphs of detected peaks as well as noise parts.


Binary Software License Expertomica Metabolite Profiling

Download - Expertomica Metabolite Profiling (275MB) - for download send email to macho(a)frov.jcu.cz

Expertomica Hela Cells 3.03 RC

Program for creation of computer description of cell culture development in time lapse microscopy. EHC is primarily developed for description of He-La cells with the experiment size of up to 1500 analyzed images and 30-50 cells per image. With certain restrictions it may be used for bigger experiments and other types of cells. EHC is written in Java which ensures almost non-restricted compatibility for all platforms and operation systems. The advantage is also small size of the program.

Binary Software License Expertomica Hela Cells 3.03 RC

Download - Expertomica Hela Cells 3.03 RC (98MB) - for download send email to macho(a)frov.jcu.cz